czwartek, 26 czerwca 2014

Godfire by Platige and Vivid Games

Just recently Platige Image and Vivid Games cocreated a mobile game called Godfire. The game prooves to be very succesful on Apple App Store and is about to come to Android devices as well. I had a small input in the beginning of the game's production - doing the horned Minion model and his gear (visible here on the top image).

And here is the cinematic animation for the game:

For more info just click on the links below:

poniedziałek, 23 czerwca 2014

End User Event


Sorry to write this info so late but it's been a busy time since I got back... from End User Event in Utrecht :)

It was a great pleasure for Klaudiusz Wesołowski and me, to represent Platige Image at the event. We had a making of talk about face scanning and character modeling in the company's pipeline. The talk was based on cinematics Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Nitro Nation projects. And of course We also had much fun at the event. It was so well organised - Joep, Michiel and Stefan did a tremendous job preparing and hosting it. We met really interesting and passionate people, We listened to many absorbing lectures and learned a lot.

Thank you for the very warm welcome, EUE is definitely an event long to be remembered :)

here is the official site of End User Event:

And here are some photos:

Main event place - Florin

The inspiring city of Utrecht

And of course as character modeleres, We wouldn't miss the Madamme Tussauds Wax Figures Museum in Amsterdam :)


środa, 28 maja 2014

Nitro Nation - the making of

Platige Image has shared Nitro Nation cinematic's making of so you can view all the hard work put in the project. There are also couple of quick shots of the girl's model I made :)

niedziela, 18 maja 2014

CGSociety portfolio update

It was about time to update my portfolio on CGSociety - they have some new pretty cool features now worth checking out.

wtorek, 13 maja 2014

Super Sups :)

Another speedsculpt exercise. Time: 1h 30 mins from dynamesh sphere.

niedziela, 13 kwietnia 2014

Froggy Dude

Speedsculpt of a dude who just wanted to get out of my head :)

środa, 9 kwietnia 2014

Nitro Nation

Hi! Few days ago Platige Image posted a video for their newest project. The video was created for Nitro Nation - a mobile game made by Creative Mobile. Here it is:

My input here was making the model of female race driver.

This time I worked with a scanned data for the head (provided by Klaudiusz Wesołowski) to get much closer to the actress look. Here is a comparision of the raw data from the scan and the finished head.

Basically the form had to be cleaned from noise generated by the scanning process, keeping all the face features as close to the source as it gets. The eyes and ears had to be done from scratch. Additional creative decisions were made about the eyes and nose area so there is a little difference beetwen them and the source material.

Everything beside the head was sculpted completely from scratch and I had a really great time doing it.

For more details please visit the links below:

Platige Image

Nitro Nation